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The new version of the visual novel series will be fully voiced: the recordings ended early July with a brand-new team of voice actors.
Today, OG-ZONE® proudly reveals the talented people who brought the series’ characters to life.

Jon Jackson will star as Dragon, the lazy and maddening soldier of the United-Nation of Europe Common Army (UNECA).

Matthew Koser will play Weed, the patient and lethal UNECA’s hired gun, the other half of the unpredictable duo.

Alison Jayne will portray Amanda Hidejiro, an abducted scientist saved by our two main characters but not quite comfortable with their attitude.

Anairis Quinones (Rose), Rachael Messer and Maurquice Straughter (Jimbach) will reprise their original roles and/or more.

Here is the full voice over cast:

– Jon Jackson
– Matthew Koser
– Alison Jayne
– Anairis Quinones
– Maurquice Straughter
– Rachael Messer
– Adrian Mayes
– Nicholas Maluf
– Mandy Bailey
– Brent Lange
– Matthew Arvizu

– Kevin Couto
– Jacob Eccles
– Connor Colquhoun
– Jacob Cimba

The Dragon and Weed: Origins Season 1, Volume 1 premiere is scheduled for the last quarter of 2018.