Dragon and Weed: Origins Distribution Update

We have some news about Dragon and Weed: Origins Season 1, Volume 1 distributions.

A few months ago we published the first information about Dragon and Weed: Origins S1V1’s features and distribution.
As we're getting closer to the release, new information and updates have become available.

Episode Length

In the earlier official statement, the approximated length of the episodes given was ~20 minutes.
West Dragon Productions can now confirm that with the exception of the pilot episode, the other episodes

of the visual novel series should have a duration between 25 and 35 minutes each.

Note: The regular price will stay the same for both volume and episode ($18.99 and $2.89).

Distribution Platforms

DWO S1V1 is set to be available for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS on Itch(.io), Gumroad, and Apple Books (formerly iBooks).
We can now announce that a software release on Steam is planned.

Aspect Ratios

Three aspect ratios are expected for the series: 16:9 (regular TV screen), 4:3 (Apple iPads), 3:2 (Microsoft Surfaces).
We are now removing the latter to gain time for production. It does not mean this ratio won't become available after the release.