Today, let’s have a look on what we know and what’s new for 2018’s Dragon and Weed: Origins series.

– Story

Origins events starts in 2053, on Earth where a fragile peace is maintained by international political alliances.

Before, it was about 50 years of territorial conflicts, political clashes fed by the growing scarcity of the raw material and orchestrate, behind closed doors, by a powerful conglomerate.

Raised in that chaotic world, Alexander Drayzaai (Dragon) and Lushian Nicolier (Weed) are two childhood friends, that started early in the War Zone.

Former members of the military and spiritual program “Professional Assassins”
Dray and Lushian have developed prized skills.

They are now working for the Common Army of Europe (UNECA), and chain “Die in Piece” missions, missions that no one wants.

Their abilities will bring them to a very ancient organization from the shadows, for which they will soon work.


– The 2015 Reboot

Reminder: Initially launched in April 2015, season 1 (OutBreak) had a pilot that represented a new turn for the series as well as a new business model. Originally supposed to be partly funded by advertising revenues, the series quickly turned to crowdfunding as an alternative funding method, which unfortunately wasn’t successful.


All this gave more time for West Dragon Productions to refine and improve the series both graphically and in terms of storytelling.


– A multifaceted format


The series went through three different genres: comic strip, video games / interactive experience, then animation.

Each genre has its own qualities, defects and their very distinct properties, so why choose? Although the reboot was originally announced as an animated series, it has since evolved into a condensed version of all three genres.

An interactive animated graphic novel? That’s right.


Inspired by the codes of comic strips and visual novels, "cinematic visual novel" is Dragon and Weed: Origins 2018’s genre, with its main characteristic staging and dynamic plans.

While waiting for the Project BBX to be ready, OG-ZONE® Digital Entertainment will distribute this visual novel series in EPUB3 ebook format.



– Length and Age Rating


On top of the evolution of the artistic direction and new format, other changes are scheduled.


The series will go from 50 twelve-minute episodes to 30 twenty-minute episodes, divided into 3 volumes with the same global duration, in other words, a full season of about 600 minutes (10 hours).

Age Rating changes, Dragon and Weed: Origins is now strictly for an adult only audience (previously mature oriented), the series contains:


– Explicit language

– Violence with blood (explicit)

– Nudity (explicit)

– Sexual content (implicit)

– Reference to drug consumption (explicit)


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