Street Patrol is one of the new projects that will be distributed by OG-ZONE Digital Entertainment.

This is an animated series directed science fiction written and directed by Art Zager and Scott Balvin.


 In the year 2075 (30 years after the Great World Revolution), radiation has become the largest problem in the American States, to the point where it was even in the food that people ate. Due to this, many pregnancies were affected in a multitude of ways. One small group of children born after ingesting the radiated food was given special powers that evolved as they aged.


Due to the number of children in each area that were born with these powers, special government-operated schools were set up in order to prevent unnecessary bullying. In one school, a small group of teens met with similar goals and ideals and became longtime friends. After they graduated, they went their separate ways for a time and did various jobs and schooling opportunities.

At their 5-year reunion, they all meet back up and, after realizing that they had failed to accomplish what they set out to do, decide to finally do something to help the world. They don costumes, take on superhero identities, and protect the world from chaos, corruption and crime as “The Street Patrol”.

Currently in pre-production phase, Street Patrol looks interesting and intriguing.
The first season will have 28 episodes lof about 20 minutes.