We take this wonderful day and this unique event to showcase our new partners, two talented studios, the Träumendes Mädchen and World's Greatest Adventurer Productions.

The Träumendes Mädchen, is a French development team, with several achievements to his counter.

Headed and also at writing, Helia, which you can find on our joint stand at the Japan Expo, the Träumendes is the author of no less than 5 Visual Novels including a series.

You can find on their website, all their creations, Being Beautrous, Ambre, How Visual Novels Changed My Life, Garden of Oblivion, Wonded by Words and the series Milk ~ Legend of the stars.

Some of these works will also be available in physical version on our stand (L52, Hall 6).

The World's Greatest Adventurer Productions is a small studio but not least based in the United States, led by Jordan J Scavone, great voice-actor who lends his voice to Dragon in the new Outbreak and participating to multiple projects.

Focused on creating quality audio series, the WGAP offer 3 series in download and streaming for free, Genesis, and Captain Marvelous Night Warrior.

You can find them on their official website, SoundCloud and our entertainment page.