We haven’t put out any official release since OG-Day 2015! OG-ZONE’s websites have remained inactive until today. This inactivity has in the past brought some confusions and misunderstandings, but no need to get in depth regarding them. OG-ZONE is and has always been active since its creation in 2007. The suspension of our communication is voluntary and typically happens when the projects in progress are not successful enough to be presented. Our previous communication hiatus is by far the longest, but if OG-ZONE was ever to shut down permanently, it would be announced officially.


What's has been going on since then?


In the Summer of 2014, after two years of development, our first commercial game, Snow Light ™, is on sale on the now defunct platform Desura and on Steam. With nearly 9,000 copies sold, more than 6,700 on Steam so far and 2,300 in the last Desura review, Snow Light has had mixed reviews. Most of the reviews on Steam, where the community is more demanding than on independent platforms, outlined catastrophic English translations and uneven graphics. A correction patch was on its way for the translation but couldn’t be implemented unfortunately. However, we heard your constructive criticism, sorted things out and we will be back to Snow Light later this year.


– 2015 to 2016

In January, a reboot of the Dragon and Weed: Origins series is announced. The pilot airs in April and receives very encouraging reviews. Two unsuccessful crowdfunding campaigns were started to fund the series, one in May 2015 and another the same month in 2016. Despite the positive feedback, our Dragon and Weed community is not large enough and the project lacks visibility. Between the two campaigns, the OG-Day 2015 biennial event took place, in which new internal and external projects were presented.


– 2017

After two years of hard work, OG-ZONE becomes an official structure. Since July 7, 2017, OG-ZONE® is an SAS registered in the Trade Register of Versailles Companies





As mentioned above, the company was not paused. On top of the production of the Dragon and Weed series and the creation of the company structure, OG-ZONE is simultaneously working on a digital creation software, the BBX project.

– An industry switch?

Not really, this is actually one of our first areas of activity, because behind closed doors for each of our developments, a level editor or game engine software type were made allowing the creation of our games and applications.


The first was the DaW Engine for Dragon and Weed's: Black Ghost OPS /2.0 and the latest, the IRON Ice Lite Engine for Snow Light. The difference between these previous softwares and the BBX project is that the latter is for a broader audience, including people outside OG-ZONE or West Dragon Productions.

Before listing ongoing projects and their status, it is important to revisit the distinction between OG-ZONE and West Dragon Productions. Currently run by the same person, OG-ZONE and West Dragon Productions are two entities with distinct purposes. OG-ZONE, Otaku-Geek Zone, is the "producer" or publishing entity. Depending on the project, one or all of the following missions are taken on: production, promotion and broadcasting/release.

Productions can be internal or through external studios.


On the other hand, West Dragon Productions is the studio entity responsible for the creation of our video-games, animated series or a Comic strips.


– Why this distinction?

This goes back to the very creation of OG-ZONE, whose goal is to bring together communities with a passion for otaku culture and geek culture. A large part of this ambition is the desire to work with various creative studios to offer rich and diverse content.

Without further ado, the status of ongoing projects and productions.


– Dragon and Weed – Origins (series): Production, in progress (high priority)

– No More Day (series): Pre-production, in progress (low priority)

– Street Patrol (series): Distribution, canceled


– Snow Light 2nd : Pre-production, paused (low priority)


– Project BBX: Development, in progress (high priority)

– Project AD, not presented: Pre-production, in progress (secondary priority)

– Project TC, not presented (series): Pre-production, in progress (low priority)


The two productions that are currently keeping our teams busy are the BBX project and Dragon and Weed: Origins (season 1, volume 1). Low priority projects do not have a scheduled release date prior to 2019.




Without necessarily over-projecting ourselves, the ambitions of OG-ZONE revolve around the enriched medium that are visual novels (interactive graphic novel). The strategies of each of the projects listed above are linked to the growing western visual novel industry and rely on it.

Although the quality of our creations has always been one of our main concerns, we have raised our standards with the intention of offering ever better content. We are and will remain attentive to our community.


Do not hesitate to contact us online through our website and our social media platforms.

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