Why and how an episode halted production.



You’re not unknowingly since late October 2012, no more episode of the series Dragon and Weed: Origins have been published.

One of the main reasons is the disappointment at the lack of appreciation of the new style used for episode 46 (Chapter 75).

Indeed wanting to follow the requests and some others, AtA STYLE 5S has been put forward for future episodes, with the main feature, rendering more “manga”. And finally, contrary to what one might think the appreciation was not very good. Disappointment, I do not hide it.

Therefore the design of episode 47 (Chapter 76), was completely chaotic. The episode 47 is quite complicated in its implementation, it has not helped. We can say that there was an internal struggle between the desire to continue on the AS 5S or inaugurate the new AS 6 has not yet been presented.

The final episode supposed to be then AS6, then AS 5S, then AS6 and then […] a purpose of the more surprising as you can see its output.
You should know that the technical realization between a color episode (AS 5.1/AS6) and an episode in B & W (AS 5S) are completely different.

The last reason is simply due to the return of Comics-Video to traditional comics, this is not at all the same as thinking and production techniques of Comics-Video were optimized from the time the return is quite complex .

However, a new technique is being tested.

Conclusion:Origins back soon (and no it’s not finished), the 47 will be the result of an internal Style War. And you’ll can see which style was retained finally (soon).

Note: 47 is the episode that will now put more time to be realized (almost a month and a half).