O42The West Dragon Productions inform you today of two new major decisions in the making of the series Dragon & Weed: Origins.

The first is a return to simple VideoComic after the failure of the AM2D, failure on the report results expected / actual results.
Beware the voice acting of the characters will be preserved, only animations will no longer be part of, here for two reasons
The fact that some users, to view animations think that this is an anime and blows expect the same quality. But the animations are supposed to be a complement
Production time as a superfluous matter AM2D animations, see is doubled. Which in view of the results is not essential.

The other decision concerns over the English version at the moment, always in the perspective of misunderstanding, speech bubbles will be added in place of the subtitle in version Video-Comic.
Finally an adaptation scans of season 2 should be released shortly, VideoComic version will remain quite sure the “lead version” until further notice.