OOBADragon & Weed Season 1: Outbreak, back in 2012, in a remake titled, “AGAIN!”.
Outbreak back thanks to a proposal for a new partner.

The scenario of the original will of course be retained, and know that in addition to that, it is the
whole scenario that will air this time. There will be no worries on the Season 2 matches do not worry at this level, apart possibly a word from the first sentence of the synopsis of it (and even this is relative):

We are still in 2053, two weeks after Outbreak, Dragon and Weed are now parties OMSN.
Sent with their new and old allies, in a mission to locate the terroristknown as “White Mask”.
Dragon and Weed and their allies will soon beings face new enemies:The Fallen.
A new unit of synchronized and former members of the OMSN.
The duo will also eliminate the splinter group “The Fallen”, discover theplans of the White Mask.

Outbreak AGAIN! , Will be available as the original in scans, Comic-Video / AM2D release is not considered.

AGAIN!propose episodes (or chapter) from 5 to 10 pages. 52 episodes are planned according to the minimum estimate, divided into four arcs.

The season will also have its Special Edition “Zero” (it will be the episodes written for the original version but canceled).
These special editions were also episodes planned for the introductionof characters 
Aoura and Black Iron.

Here are some more details about the episodes.

 The episodes will be AtA Style 5S, a mix between AS 2.1 and AS 5,in Black and White.
 The episodes will be available on a weekly basis release and not page by page as envisaged.
 The release date is still scheduled for March but late March, it depends on a broadcast partner.
 The 27 first episodes will be mainly adaptations of the original
 The episodes will be fully translated into English

That’s all for now, the first images arrive once the stability of the production team will be back.