Dragon and Weed Origins S1V1 Cover

This January will be marked as we dive into the dystopian universe of Dragon and Weed. How to survive in a world ruled by continental coalitions, paramilitary institutions, assassins and other warmonger in search of discord with the potential to develop psychic powers of all kinds?

It is by following a pair of mercenaries whose reputation are made that you will take your first steps in this universe without mercy.

Season 1, Episode 0, “New Start” will Premiere on January 24th 2020 for Windows and macOs.
Android and iOs versions will be released a little later.

This first launch will allow us to have your feedback to correct what could be, concerning both reading experience, ergonomics and production, that may require some minor editing.

The episodes will be released according to a calendar updated at the beginning of each month that will reveal their date of publication on each platforms.

The episodes will be available on Steam and Itch.io platforms in censored version rated Mature (16+) and uncensored version rated Adult (+18) on Gumroad and Itch.io.

Each episode will be available individually at a price of $2.89 € or $18.99 in the complete volume format, at a FullHD based resolution optimized for 5 aspect ratios: 16:9, 18:9, 4:3 (iPads), 3:2 (Surfaces) and 5:4.

See you on Steam or Itch:

Steam : http://bit.ly/DWOS1V1-Steam

Itch : http://bit.ly/DWOS1V1-Itch

AxelG, Lama Théo
Corrected by: Emily Hodgson