Early October was supposed to be the official release date of the pilot episode of Dragon and Weed: Origins Season 1.

Unfortunately, close the Preview Date (for the press and content creators) we had several issues with the tool we’re using to build the Windows, macOs versions as well as the Android player.

To help understand, while waiting OG-ZONE’s new Visual Novel Engine is ready, we choose a third-party tool that allow us to provide the series on computer and mobile without complex work.

The tool was tested multiple times at several steps in the production but in the final build we encounter a problem really specific to this production moment: The software couldn’t handle the whole episode specs.

The Episode 0 is running at 60 fps on base resolution of 1920×1440 pixels, and have about 160 animated CGs.
While the software can handle a part of it, we had serious crashes on multiple platforms that made us question our release workflow.
So after several tests we got to the conclusion that to unsure a great user experience, we had to change the build tool.

Quite important though, Dragon and Weed: Origins is a quite unconventional productions in multiple aspects. The tool we choose here is not to blame, you may easily find out what is it but we won’t name it here as we don’t want to undermine it.
We add a great relationship with their team, which was very understanding and listening to the changes and updates we asked them to do to fit our exigence in matter of user experience.
We are very thankfully to them.

That being said, we are now working with a new engine and have to run multiple tests with it.
If everything is good, some of the distribution platforms will be changed but at the moment we’re still aiming for a release on computer and mobile for 2019.

We’ll let you know what’s going on as soon as possible.

We’re available on social networks if you have questions.