Dragon and Weed: Origins
Type: Cinematic Visual Novel series
Genre: Science-Fiction, Action
Author: West Dragon Productions
Production: 2018


Origins events starts in 2053, on Earth where a fragile peace is maintained by international political alliances.

Before, it was about 50 years of territorial conflicts, political clashes fed by the growing scarcity of the raw material and orchestrate, behind closed doors, by a powerful conglomerate.

Raised in that chaotic world, Alexander Drayzaai (Dragon) and Lushian Nicolier (Weed) are two childhood friends, that started early in the War Zone.
Former members of the military and spiritual program “Professional Assassins”
They have developed prized skills.

They are now working for the Common Army of Europe (UNECA), and chain “Die in Piece” missions, missions that no one wants.
Their abilities will bring them to a very ancient organization from the shadows, for which they will soon work.

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