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SL Digital Box-Release date : 30/06/2014
-Type : Visual Novel
-Genre : Action / Infiltration
- Game Resolution : 1920x1080
-Platform : Windows, Linux/ PS Vita/ Android Playstation Certified Devices
-Support : Download
-Price : $9,99 (PC Version), $7,99 (PS Vita/ Playstation Mobile)
-Languages : French, English, German, Spanish
-Classification : 17+ (self estimate)

Development : West Dragon Productions DreamRaiser
Distribution : OG-ZONE Digital Entertainment

Snow Light takes place in a close futuristic world where nations are living in a fragile peace, military conflicts have become commonplace since the scarcity of first resources and the rise of private armies. 

You'll follow a professional of espionage missions, Snow Light, and will travel in various parts of the globe such as Turkmenistan, Russia or England. 

- Feature : 

  • Story divide in 5 chapters, with more than 30 000 words dialogue length 
  • Anime inspired Graphic Style, CG based narration 
  • Intense action scene rythmed by Quick-Time Event 
  • Unique story arc, with some viewpoints changes 
  • 19 music tracks composed by two great composers, Petteri SAINIO and Christoph RAUCH